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  • Australian Journal of Labour Economics

    The Australian Journal of Labour Economics (AJLE) is a forum for the analysis of labour economics and labour relations. It is particularly focused on theoretical and policy developments in respect of Australian labour markets. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.

    The AJLE invites submissions of articles in the following areas in labour economics, industrial relations and personnel economics. The following areas are of particular interest:

    • Time allocation, work behaviour and employment determination.
    • Wages, compensation and labour costs.
    • Labour-management relations, trade unions and collective bargaining.
    • Work organisation and the sociology of work.
    • Productivity.
    • Income and wealth distribution.
    • Mobility, unemployment, labour force participation and vacancies.
    • Gender, ethnicity, labour market segmentation and discrimination.
    • Population and demography in respect of the labour market.

    While contributors to the AJLE are expected to demonstrate theoretical or empirical originality – and preferably both – they should make their work accessible to readers from a non-technical background. Survey articles are also encouraged. Further, as a means of strengthening the integration of theory and practice the AJLE welcomes reflective contributions from practitioners. The AJLE recognises that the areas of labour economics and labour relations are subject to controversy and aims to provide an arena for debate.